We Provide Clarity and Purpose

To families who want to grow their financial assets.

The financial future for you and your family depends on the financial assets you earn during your life and career.  To protect the future and the financial assets you have worked so hard to accumulate, you should consider the help of a financial planning professional to keep your assets earning income and growing through the years ahead.  Multigen Wealth Services offers comprehensive wealth management services to families who need Financial Planning, Investing, and Insurance Management assistance.

We are a boutique firm that excels in and focuses on client service and an enhanced memorable experience at each interaction. We do not have sales goals and do not use any proprietary products which may cause conflicts of interest . We work in conjunction with LPL Financial the largest Independent Broker/Dealer in the United States as reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2014 so you can rest assured we have the best client safeguards in place, combined with the personal experience you are looking for.

Financial planning and your path to financial independence

We will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your finances, including the items listed below:

  • Your real estate holdings including private homes, second homes, and rental properties
  • Your company and business retirement plans
  • Private investments you have made over the years
  • Life insurance and trust accounts
  • Education planning and financing
  • More...

Financial Planning

Preserving the future of you and your family.

When working with families, we often are planning for future generations, and sometimes there are aspects to inter-generational planning that occur outside of just the numbers.

We will focus on the human capital, the education and relationship with families and the planning associated with the next generation to help them better prepare for the future.

Our professional advice and experience is something only a financial planning professional dedicated to helping people protect the assets they have earned through the years of their life can provide.

Our knowledge of financial investing will help protect your assets so loved ones can enjoy the benefits of the work and planning you have done throughout the years.

For more information on financial planning and preserving the future of you and your family, please contact us.

Craig A. Brown, CRPC ®