Financial Planning for Families

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Wealth Management:  Personalized financial advising to manage and grow your investments.

Financial Planning:  Putting your money to work for you, in alignment with your goals.

Investments:  Portfolios geared towards your long and short-term needs and objectives.

Retirement:  Calculate your retirement needs and create the plan needed to meet them.

Education:  Many options are available to plan and save for this essential investment.

Financial Advisors You Can Trust

Core Values: Integrity, Honesty and Reliability

Meet Craig Brown, founder of MultiGen Wealth Services

MultiGen Wealth Services Inc., is named for the need to prepare for intergenerational financial planning. We are an independent firm working in conjunction with LPL Financial to provide non-proprietary investment and insurance products.

Craig is a dedicated Wealth Services Professional with over a decade of service to high net-worth families and successful business owners. He is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor trained to understand the individual needs and goals of each client. MultiGen Wealth Services focuses on human capital, helping families to understand and be prepared for their future. Our knowledge of financial investing helps you to preserve your assets so your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of your many years of work.

For more information on financial planning, and preserving your and your family's future, please contact us.

Craig A. Brown, CRPC ®