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MultiGen Wealth Services

Many of our clients have Multi-Generational Wealth transfer needs, this is why our company is named MultiGen. We formed out of the need for complete independence from the large complex banking institutions that may have advisory conflicts with Investment and Commercial Banking.

Our Mission Statement

To partner with our clients effectively, so we can enhance the quality of their lives through risk management, capital allocation and communication as their personal CFO.

Our Commitment

  • Respect client privacy
  • Understand risk tolerance and needs of each client
  • Personalized client communication
  • Commitment to ongoing Education
  • Upfront explanation on expenses
happy-family with Multigen Wealth Services
Wealth Management

Our Capabilities:

  • Complete Interactive Financial Planning with an aggregate view of your financial life with assets, liabilities and cash flow.
  • Non-proprietary Investments can be made in a broad spectrum in Brokerage, Retirement or Education accounts.
  • Insurance/Annuity when appropriate for each client
  • Business Retirement Plans, Non-Qualified Plans and a variety of other options available based on needs.
  • We work with Families, Businesses and Non Profit organizations