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3 Basic Education Planning Principles

education-planning-tips MultiGen Wealth Services

The fact that the cost of today’s college tuition and related expenditures are high cannot be overemphasized. As a parent, you need to practice healthy education planning for your children when they are young or you may struggle to help them financially when they are ready for college. After all, the costs of education keep…

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Wealth Management Guide

Wealth-management-guide MultiGen Wealth Services

With such a dynamic economy in the past decade – see the stock market struggles and the housing calamity – wealth management has become more important than ever before. Although you might initially think of high net-worth individuals when the word wealth management makes an appearance, the truth is, anyone has the potential to benefit from the…

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5 Financial Planning Problems


If you are nearing your retirement years or if you are already retired, you should be aware of financial planning problems that present challenges for a comfortable retirement. None of us know how long we’ll live so there’s always the chance that we’ll out live our money. We also can’t forecast our eventual expenses including…

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Principles of Investment Management

investment-management-principles w MultiGen Wealth Services

Whether you are a seasoned portfolio manager or a novice investor, it is important to plan carefully and utilize the principles of investment management. This simply means that you have to make wise financial decisions in order for your investments to be successful and following investment management principles is a great way to get there.…

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Retirement Planning Calculator

retirement planning calculator with MultiGen Wealth Services

Even if you’re a long way from retirement, you might be wondering how retirement planning can help you achieve your financial goals.  For a secure, enjoyable retirement life, you should start your retirement planning as early as possible and using a retirement planning calculator is a great way to start. How and when should I…

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Retirement Planning

retirement planning 401k & iras MultiGen Wealth Services

Retirement planning is key; there are several types of defined contribution retirement plans on the market. Among these are the popular 401K and IRAs. A 401K is an employer-sponsored plan that deducts pre-tax money from your payroll check and may include a matching contribution from your employer. An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that…

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What is Insurance Management Services?

insurance management services MultiGen Wealth Services

When it comes to aspects of your insurance coverage, insurance management services can be a vital component. At MultiGen Wealth Management Services we are pleased to work with you as you make major financial decisions and investments; we believe that it is in most people’s best interest to partner with a qualified financial adviser to…

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Top 5 Early Childhood Education Planning Tips

education-planning-tips MultiGen Wealth Services

Planning for your child’s education should begin at the pre-school level; giving your child a strong start will help them succeed in elementary school, high school and beyond. Soaring costs of post-secondary education and ballooning student loan debt has made education planning even more vital. Failure to plan early can have long-term consequences that extend far…

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Financial Planning Benefits and Securing Your Future

Financial Planning

You are on the right financial track; you have an emergency fund, a retirement account, and home equity. The reality is that even with a solid foundation, there can be some uncertainty about financial stability over the long-term. Fortunately, financial planning can help take care of that uncertainty. Hiring a professional to identify your needs…

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Investment Management Techniques

Investment Management

You’ve worked hard through your career, setting aside money for savings and investments. Now that you have funds in the bank, the next step is to grow your wealth through investments to prepare for your future. With current low interest rates on savings, cash simply kept in the bank will lose value to inflation. However,…

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