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Recently, I was reading CNBC and they posted a question & poll:

“CNBC First 25: Leaders, Icons and Rebels”

This is being positioned as “Who Mattered and Who Didn’t” wow, what an interesting question. What CNBC has done, is listed 200 influential men and women, along with links to their profiles and they are asking who has been the most influential, the most disruptive to an industry and the way we live.

If I am to look at just the business side of things, without judging values or political views or anything else I would have to say my top 5 are: (25 is too much for me to sort out)

  1. Steve Jobs w/Apple
  2. Jeff Bezos w/Amazon
  3. Brin, Page & Schmidt “the Google Guys”
  4. Warren Buffett w/ Berkshire
  5. Elon Musk w/Tesla & Space X

This would be in no particular order, with special mentions to Mark Zuckerberg w/Facebook and Howard Shultz w/Starbucks.

So, why these 5- well, for me, they have challenged us to think BIG, they have challenged us with simplicity, with elegance and with constantly trying to move forward. Other than Steve who passed away in 2011, the rest really do not look like they want to slow down, even though they have the resources to never work again and the companies they have are at the top of their game, they continue to work and are just not satisfied that they have a finished product.

And for this, I think they are top’s.

Who would be in your Top 5 or 10 or 25?

Thank You for reading, best wishes.

Craig Brown, CRPC

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