September is traditionally a busy but very productive month, summer vacations are over and families are getting back to work, back to school and back on track to complete all of those action items outlined during the year.

Here are a few Tips to make your September even more productive.

  1. The family meeting: A weekly 10-15 min. family meeting to coordinate weekly schedules. Our family meets in the Kitchen at 4pm on Sundays, we keep it very light and the primary agenda is just the week ahead. We look at schedules, clarify who is going where what commitments have been made and what needs to be done. We all make it home, and just prior to dinner and this helps get the family re-aligned on focused on the week.
  2. Look ahead to the Holiday’s, if you have family coming in or if you are traveling now is the time to begin working on logistics, planning and communications.
  3. If you have a summer home or rental property, what is your plan for winterizing? Any maintenance issues that needs to be addressed, now is the time to finish this up.
  4. If you file quarterly taxes, it’s a good idea to check in with your CPA to review your revenue and expense and cross check on any tax liability.
  5. Do you have an Investment Policy Statement or Financial Plan? It’s a good idea to review your asset allocation, review your investments. If you do not feel you have an advocate, or want to interview other advisors to seek out what services are offered, and review of the portfolio, September is a good month if you end up with any changes before the Holidays and New Year.


Best wishes to a strong and productive September, hope this helps- as always, thank you for reading.

Best, Craig Brown


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