Education Planning

Get the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for the future.


Education planning beyond high school is complicated and expensive.  College tuition is rising exponentially and it takes a well thought out and progressive approach to be able to finance a college education.  There are many options available that you could be eligible for.

A few education planning options for funding private Prep School or University:

  • Fund a 529 Account
  • Fund an Education IRA
  • Fund a UTMA/UGMA
  • Establish the Family Bank
  • Cash Flow the cost of education
  • Take out loans

Because the cost for education is continually on the rise, families are addressing this in a variety of different ways. What is important is to begin the conversation, understand what values you would like to instill into the next generation, and incorporate the planning for this investment.

While there are often multiple solutions to this challenge, we are here to assist and to offer our suggestions on what might be right for your family.