Retirement Planning

Personalized planning.

Retirement Planning and Analysis

  • How well should you live?
  • Will your money outlive you?
  • How much money will you need?
  • Where and with whom will you choose to live?
  • What is your number?

Retiring after a 30+ year career is a goal shared by many. 

Another common goal is “to have my money outlive me.” 

Tax efficient strategies help our clients in working towards their goals!

For Families: IRA, Roth IRA and Annuity.

For Businesses: Simplified Employee Pension (SEP), Simple IRA, 401k, 403b and Non-Qualified benefit programs.


Sophisticated modeling techniques allow us to help project your retirement savings out over any time frame. Factoring in things like fixed income, expenses, health care and inflation, you'll find todays dollars perform surprisingly 20+ years from now!

At MultiGen, the focus on you.

As an independent financial advisor, there are no sales goals meet or “priority” products to sell.