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Personal Wealth Management: 3 Wealth Planning Tips

The goal of wealth management is to invest your money wisely so that it provides the highest possible returns. Viable investments come in many forms depending on your age, risk adversity, and retirement lifestyle expectations. Different investments have different risk levels and returns; the economic climate will also be a factor in your wealth management.…

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning – Will You Retire Today?

Are you one of the 10,000 who will retire today? Retirement planning can get you there. Our “baby boomers” the ones who have lead, and defined our great country for the past 40 years are now re-defining their own, and very personal next chapter, retirement. As with all transitions, they are not without challenges. In…

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5 Things to Consider When Changing Your Retirement Plan

When someone changes jobs or decides to retire then it’s a good idea to review your retirement plan.  Your situation and your goals will determine the best strategy for updating your plan. There are several options, and really depends on what your situation is and what you are trying to accomplish with this money. As…

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I could have been a Contender….

Recently, I was reading CNBC and they posted a question & poll: “CNBC First 25: Leaders, Icons and Rebels” This is being positioned as “Who Mattered and Who Didn’t” wow, what an interesting question. What CNBC has done, is listed 200 influential men and women, along with links to their profiles and they are asking…

Debt & Spending

Debt & Spending

Since our Government is currently closed for business due to the debate on debt & spending, thought we should post this video.

Life in a Box?

Life in a Box?

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