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When it comes to aspects of your insurance coverage, insurance management services can be a vital component. At MultiGen Wealth Management Services we are pleased to work with you as you make major financial decisions and investments; we believe that it is in most people’s best interest to partner with a qualified financial adviser to guide you through the process. With many years of experience in helping people manage their wealth, you can have confidence in our ability to help you. We offer a wide range of services including and not limited to insurance management services.

Our wealth management services include insurance, asset management, comprehensive financial planning, retirement and education planning, concentrated stock and wealth strategies, and exit planning for businesses. We provide written investment policy statements and alternative investment channels when deemed appropriate. At MultiGen Wealth Management Services we believe the pillar of your wealth management will begin with your relationship with us as wealth service professionals.

                        Insurance Management Services

We offer a wide range of insurance management services optimized for your personal or business related needs. Personal/family insurance management services include term life insurance, variable life insurance, universal life insurance, annuity insurance, whole life insurance, long-term car insurance, disability insurance, and insurance for a trust account. For businesses we offer life insurance as a non-qualified benefit program, key-man life insurance, disability coverage, and buy/sell agreement funded with insurance contracts.

                        Personal/Family Insurance Management Services

Term life insurance: Term life insurance is the most affordable coverage available and it offers protection for a specified number of years. You may want to carry a term life insurance policy for a number of reasons. Choices within this type of insurance include choosing maximum coverage at an affordable price, choosing to cover some specific financial priorities like college expenses or mortgage, or to supplement a permanent policy or work policy. Term life insurance can either be simplified issue term life insurance or level term insurance.

Universal Insurance: Universal insurance provides you with more flexibility compared to a whole life policy. You have the ability to shift your money between the policy and the savings account. These two accounts are separate and variable allowing you to make changes whenever necessary.

Whole life Insurance: In insurance management services, whole life insurance is defined as a form of permanent insurance. Whole life insurance has three key features: guaranteed death benefits, level premiums, and cash value. Whole life insurance allows you to receive benefit dividends which can either increase the value of your policy while alive or increase the value of the benefit upon death. You purchase this type of policy when you want to protect a life, to put additional money toward a favorable tax policy, for a cash value that you could use while alive, and steady payments.

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